Once upon a time in the future, a group of curious and brave individuals met in a blue cloud close to what is today known as Zurich, Switzerland. It was the promise of an extraordinary quest that brought them together—to travel under the wings of mysterious archaeologists to a place no one had ever been to before—the future.
The explorers all had the same burning question in their minds. One decided to speak up and ask the future archaeologists: “Is it really possible to travel to the future?” One of the future archaeologists smiled warmly and answered: “The future needs to be imagined before we can travel there. That’s why we’ve developed a timeship—fueled by imagination and creativity that brings us to whenever we want!” A particularly brave explorer then asked: “Why did you choose to become future archaeologists?”
“As future archaeologists, we believe society has the power to shape the future. To do this, we can’t only rely on predictions and trajectories! The future exists as a multitude of possibilities before it becomes a reality. That's why we need to explore and uncover lots of different possible futures. Only then can we figure out which ones are desirable and what we need to do today in order to make them our tomorrow,” one of the future archaeologists responded.
“We became future archaeologists because we believe in the importance of systematically thinking about the future—daring to dream and not limiting ourselves to today's restrictions. To be prepared for the future is to create it!” Everyone's eyes lit up—the explorers couldn’t hide their excitement.
In the following months and years, unusual-looking objects were found from time to time all over the galaxy—in parks and on moons, in between time zones, and even at the bottom of the sky. People were curious and started speculating about the origins and meanings of these objects. Those who had heard rumors about the quest, wondered if these could be objects from the futures—maybe even lost cargo from the timeship’s explorations, carrying important insights about the futures they came from. Others simply enjoyed the otherness these objects brought to the known present.
Back in the blue cloud, the future archaeologists and their team were intrigued by the conversations and ideas these objects triggered and the growing curiosity people had for the possible futures. Full of inspiration, they threw themselves into their work and continued exploring the futures, sketching eagerly, writing in their logbooks, developing visions and concepts, and of course, conversing with other future archaeologists all over the universe.
News of the future archaeologists spread, to the point that they reached very distant and foreign lands. This filled their hearts and minds with pride and even more determination! They continued to share their findings with the hope that future archaeology would keep igniting discussions and creating desirable futures.

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